This site was created for those people who are interesting in grabbing music from CDs, converting it to MP3 and others music file formats, playing it on computers and writing it on CDs.

You will find here description of MPEG coding, MP3 file format, CD grabbers (Audiograbber, WinDAC, AudioCatalyst, CDex), MP3 (and others sound formats) coders (Audioactive Production Studio, Blade Encoder, Freeware AAC Encoder, Lame, IIS Fraunhofer Radium MP3 codec, GOGO, L3Enc, MP3 Producer Professional, MP3Enc, Liquifier Pro, Microsoft WMA, Ogg Vorbis, PULSE MP3 Master, SCMPX, Streambox Ripper, TwinVQ Encoder, Yamaha SoundVQ Encoder, XingMP3 Encoder, XingMPEG Encoder), MP3 players (Winamp, Sonique, Nad, Apollo, JetAudio, K-Jofol, Unreal Player, C-4, Audioactive Player, Windows Media Player), CD writers (Easy CD Creator, Ahead Nero Burning Rom, CDRWin, NTI CD-Maker 2000 Professional, WinOnCD, Cdrecord, Feurio, CloneCD) and utilities for working with sound files.

We also offer all described soft for free download. It will save you many hours which you could spend for searching of these files.





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